About us

EasyRent AB is a company that works for a simpler rental, we want you to be able to rent an experience as quickly and easily as possible!

It can be anything from going on a cycling holiday around Åland to special ordering a travel package with accommodation, food and nice destinations with bikes.

Antti Taivasalo, Nico Eriksson, Joel Lindholm and Måns Åström work at EasyRent, and we are all here to help you find the right one!

EasyRent's business concept is about making it easier for the public to rent products and services. Our team works to shorten the distance it takes for you as a consumer to rent something, our vision is that you should be able to enter our site, click on what you want to rent and then it's done. Not the long way it takes today to call different companies to rent different things, on our site you will find everything that suits you!